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Kate Salmini:
Homework Policy Information
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Homework Policy Information

  Homework is an important aspect of your child’s education. Homework not only reinforces concepts learned in school, but also teaches your child to be responsible. Assignments will be given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Expect your child to have homework on these nights.  In addition to daily assignments, your child will be given a reading log each week. He/she should read for twenty minutes a night. Students will be expected to return the signed log on Friday.
Your child has been given a homework journal (generously donated by the PTSA) to record his/her assignments. Each day he/she will record the assignments in the journal and should then bring the journal home to refer to for the assignments.
Students are expected to hand in homework in on the correct day. If a student does not have his/her homework by the following day, he/she will complete a missing assignment form. If a sutdent does not have his/her homeowrk by the following day, he/she will utilize some outside time, in order to complete the assignment. If a child fails to hand in his/her homeowrk assignment on a consistent basis, the issue will be addressed as needed.

A daily record of your child’s homework returns will be kept. At the end of each month, each student who has returned all assignments will receive stickers. These stickers may be traded in for various prizes. Also, as a class, the students will try to spell out the words NO HOMEWORK. When the two words are completely spelled out the whole class will receive a night with no homework.
Please reinforce the importance of doing homework.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.



Students are assigned 20 minutes of reading each night. They will receive a reading log on Monday and will be expected to hand a signed log in on Friday. Please help to make this a part of your child's routine.

WORD WORK: Students are expected to complete 3 assignments each week for word work. Students should hand in word work logs on Friday.