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Barbara Scioscia-Reed

Mrs. Scioscia-Reed
Grades 4, 5 & 6 Reading, Writing,  & Social Studies
Advanced Learning Program

     My name is Barbara Scioscia-Reed.  In school the children call me Mrs. Reed.  I'm delighted to have been teaching at the Academy since 1993.  For the first 11 years, I taught 3rd and 4th grades  reading, writing, and social studies.  I also served as  a town literacy leader.   In 2002 , I began teaching Reading, Writing, and Social Studies for 5th and 6th graders in The Advanced Learning Program. Presently, I also teach writing to 4th graders in ALP.   I continue working  to promote literacy with active involvement Family Literacy Programs.   In 2003, I had the honor of being named Teacher of the Year for the town of Stratford. 
Philosophy:  I feel driven to teach!  I love working with children and helping them make connections.  My goal is to empower children with a confidence in their own ability to acquire knowledge.  Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked as a professional artist.   I feel my experiences of being an artist has taught me the importance of allowing and encouraging students to utilize their creative talents to express their ideas, both academically  and personally.  

Education:  BS, MA, Sixth Year 
Hobbies: Painting, Raising Monarch Butterflies- brought in myclassroom for reading and writing inspiration, Sailing, Studying History, and Travel

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